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myFlix Angular Client

This project is a single-page, responsive movie app built with Angular, with routing and several interface views. The client-side supports the existing server-side (REST API and database) by facilitating user requests and rendering the response. It was designed using Angular Material and contains comments using Typedoc and technical documentation using JSDoc.

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Chat App

Chat App is a native chat app for mobile devices developed using Expo and Google Firestore Database (to store the chat messages). The app provides users with a chat interface and options to share images and their location. Chat App is optimized for both Android and iOS devices because the React Native framework allows developing native apps with only one codebase.

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Meet App

Meet App is a serverless, progressive web application (PWA) built with React using a test-driven development (TDD) technique. The application uses the Google Calendar API to fetch upcoming events and the serverless function is hosted by a cloud provider (AWS). In addition, the application offers data visualisation using the Recharts library.

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myFlix React Client

This project is the client-side component for an application called "myFlix" based on its existing server-side code (REST API and database). It is a single-page, responsive application with routing, rich interactions, several interface views, and a polished user experience built using the React library and handles data through previously-defined REST API endpoints.

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Movie API

This project is the server-side component for an application called “myFlix” that interacts with a database that stores data about movies. It consists of a well-designed REST API and architected database built using JavaScript, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. It is used in the myFlix clients to provide movie information and allow users to create accounts and save their favorite movies.

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This project is a web application build with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It loads data from an external API and enables the viewing of data points in detail. In this case, I decided to write a small Pokédex app to display a list of Pokémon using the Pokémon API. The app uses a complex UI pattern, a modal from Bootstrap, for details or touch interactions.

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Who I am

Full-Stack Web Developer based in Berlin

I'm a web developer, a philosopher and a musician and my background includes customer service and sales. I'm motivated by helping people. Through my work experiences, I have developed empathy,attention to details and working in a structured and orderly way. I also love learning and developing my creativity. I wish to bridge my skills in a job that allows me to continue my personal and professional development. My goal is to work together for a positive social impact.

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